His & Her's Office

When Nick and I moved in together we had two separate offices but we decided in Nov/Dec this past winter that we wanted to move into two shared spaces. We found ourselves spending most of our time in Nick's office watching movies on our rolling chairs which wasn't too comfortable. We saved our money and purchased new furniture and shelving and got inspiration from Pinterest (I mean where else?) specifically this photo.

Here are a few shots of what our offices looked like when each decorated our own space.

We decided that in order to be able to have our new shared office scream our personalities we would each take a wall specifically for our own trinkets and things. The other two walls were going to be shared space for mutual books, statues, and plants. We went to IKEA and spent a ton of $$$ but it was worth it to have matching furniture for perhaps the first time ever! And I mean our couch is the most practical thing we could have ever gotten.

And now the final product!

Now we spend most of our time in our office and what was Nick's office is now what we call the art room. Its never clean and we are still making it our own.

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